Who In Your Circle Needs To Go?


Some of us are holding on to people who have no business in our lives. If they drain you more than pour into you, they must go. If they’re envious and not supportive, cut them.

Make sure you’re not pulling the wrong one with you during the come up. During your season of movement a lot of people will begin to attach themselves to you. They want to be seen with you. They want to suddenly grab drinks or do lunch. Now that’s great if it’s a give and take relationship, but beware of those who have nothing to offer. The climb to the top is hard enough, don’t make it harder with unnecessary weights tied to you.

I also know from experience that some people want you in their life so they can vent to you and get your opinion, but once they’re done draining you, they’ll dump you. Over the years I’ve had so called friends in my life who needed to get dropped ASAP. They’re no longer around.

Some people literally want to be in your life and call you a friend just so they can have someone to talk to. That’s cool, but it becomes an issue when the favor isn’t returned. Watch out for those kinds of “friends.” They are the ones who never ask about your day. They could care less about your job. They don’t ask how your goals are coming along. Basically they aren’t really trying to know you. They make no efforts in getting to know those close to you either. All they want is for you to listen to them.  It’s time to put a stop to that. Drop those who simply want to take, but not give.

Let go of the so called friends who want nothing more than a loyal follower and a person to vent to. Drop the so called friends who rarely ask how you’re doing. Walk away from the person who only seems to be around when they can enjoy your fun job perks. Beware of the so called friend who appears envious. Distant yourself from the so called friend whose lifestyle doesn’t align with where God is taking you. As we get older our circle of true friends should be getting smaller, not bigger.

In order to achieve the goals you want to accomplish in 2018, you have to sort of clean house. For some of you that might mean stepping away from certain people. If any of them fall into those categories, they have to go. You need to stay focused and can’t afford any distractions.

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