First Dream, Then Execute

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Don’t neglect your dreams. Keep pursuing your goals. A lot of people want to give up when life gets hard, but some of the most successful people have been through the most. The journey will be difficult, but if you stay focused and remain persistent, you will make it.

First things first, where are you trying to go? What do you want to accomplish? Most importantly, why are you doing any of this? I recently read a really inspiring blog post, Know Your Why, and it motivated me.

“If you don’t know your why, you’re going to give up when times get tough,” the writer says.

I agree.

I think it’s a lot easier to answer those questions when you know your purpose. Discovering it makes life so much easier. I used to struggle with that for years until one day it was revealed to me. Now I motivate myself each morning, and throughout the day, even when things look bad. I know my why and that’s enough to keep going.

We’re all going to have days where we feel like we’re wasting our time, we’re stuck, it won’t get better. We even ask ourselves, “What’s the point?”

Don’t let the obstacles keep you down. Too many people are ready to just quit and settle when their life plan doesn’t follow the initial blueprint. That’s just how it goes sometimes. We can’t always control what happens and when it happens, but we can control how we handle it.

As much as we all hate the “process,” you must respect it. What you’re going through, no matter how painful, builds character and it definitely makes for a good story later in life. Success doesn’t come without setbacks, but don’t lose faith. Keep your fire. If you have a vision, then let that be your light through the tough times. Let it dangle in front of you until you’re finally able to grab it.

No one said it would be easy. We all must go through a set of tests and trials before we reach success. It’s earned, not given. Learn to appreciate the process. You’ll appreciate your future success that much more when you remember what you survived. You got this!

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