I Lost My Job, I’m Reporting For Free And People Still Have Negative Comments

First, let me say thank you. I’ve had this site up for about a week and I’m overwhelmed by all of the support and encouragement. I’m getting love outside of Chicago. Just wow! Poynter even republished my first blog (read it here). Major shout-out to them. Thank you times a million! And WordPress tweeted it! That’s HUGE! Thank you to everyone who has shared my story.

So you would think that people would either support me or not care at all, and just remain silent, but I have some critics. Yes, already! I can’t help but laugh because I’m not sure why people are so upset with me for writing positive stories for free on my own site. I have no political agenda. I’m not even speaking negatively about anyone. I’m just telling nice, positive stories that are happening on Chicago’s South Side.

My first blog post received a lot of attention. To be honest, it caught me by surprise. When I decided to cover a few press conferences and write other stories, I expected a few of my Facebook friends and maybe some Twitter followers to read and share. I had no idea that so many people would care. I realize, however, that the more exposure I get, the more of a target I become. But guess what? I’m not going to let some negative, untrue comments stop me from writing. Haters are going to hate.

Anyway, I was speaking with a friend tonight and some of my inspirational stories came up. I’ve written hundreds of stories for DNAinfo so it’s easy to forget. Now that I’m remembering them again, I am once again reminded of why I love reporting. Many of these sources inspired and encouraged me through their own stories.

Here are a few snippets:

Steve Harvey Assistant Stylist: ‘I’m Supposed To Be Dead’

Making the decision to always dress for success is what forever changed one South Shore resident’s life.

Sam Sparks, 27, was on a path that could only lead to one of two places — prison or the grave, he said. Before becoming a celebrity stylist, motivational speaker and author, Sparks was a high school dropout, a gang member and drug dealer. He survived a few shootouts, too, he said.

Even While Homeless, East-West University Student Never Quit School

College student and Chicago transplant Amze White became homeless when he lost his job, apartment and car, but he said he never lost his determination.

“There were plenty of times I was ready to go back home,” the 28-year-old from Atlanta said. “I had even bought a one-way ticket once and didn’t tell anyone.”

Doctor Told Her She’d Never Dance Again, But Now She’s Working With Joffrey

Despite battling a disease that her doctor said would end her dancing career, Dani Jo Williams just accepted a role that will allow her to combine her two passions — inspiring girls and dancing.

The 26-year-old Austin native recently accepted an offer with Joffrey Ballet’s Community Engagement department that will allow her to teach dance to at-risk students.

Theater As Therapy: South Side Youth See Lives Reflected In New Play

In “Broken Windows 2,” Englewood resident Brandon Lewis plays the eldest of seven siblings who has to step up and care for his family while his father is incarcerated.

It’s a tough role — both on stage and in real life; that’s because the script reflects Lewis’ reality.

A Bright Idea: Young Mother Develops Unique Light-Up Lipstick

The desire to spend more time with her daughter motivated Iesha Davis, 25, to leave her job and become an entrepreneur.

Davis was attending Southern Illinois University when she learned she was pregnant at 19. She finished her freshman year in Carbondale and came back home to Chicago, getting a job with T-Mobile.

Feel free to send me story ideas/pitches. I love original stories that haven’t been covered yet.

12 thoughts on “I Lost My Job, I’m Reporting For Free And People Still Have Negative Comments

  1. I would love for you to speak at Morton Elementary, Paul Revere, Manierre. Kid Millionaire is working to host a Kid Millionaire Summit,Kid Millionaire weekend that will be hosted at Marguette Bank Evergreen Park, and 63rd location. I would like for parents to be a informed about the program and the registration process. I can be contacted at (773) 217-4895.

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  2. Thanks for keeping up the good work. Have no doubt you are making a difference. I am a member of a volunteer habitat group in Brisbane, Australia. When we get mentioned in any outlet it gives us a morale boost, attracts more volunteers and community groups to give us a hand and makes it hard for Council to withdraw funding. Your work will also be a wonderful antidote to all the negative (bad word of choice) out there. Thank you for all that you do, I hope you get the financial support you deserve soon as well. R.

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  3. wow this is so honest ! don’t care what people say as it is their job to do so. You are filled with originality and should be proud of yourself !


  4. Andrea, thanks do much for having such a brave headline. Trusting that you will have the strength and support to endure the journey- I Give A Voice To The Voiceless. Me too! Well, I tried to raise awareness of controlling and grooming behaviour to protect the vulnerable…
    Your inspiration keeps me hopeful of more students reading my empowering novel.
    See reviews from those who read the book, below. Please give an ebook this Christmas to tip a new student off on how to stay safe from gang exploitation.


    1. Hi! I’ll have to check it out. I think I follow you now but I’ll double check. I’m so private but I saw this personal experience as a great opportunity to expose my vulnerability because I want to motivate and encourage others.


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