Eliminating Excuses

I’ve made excuses for why I wouldn’t do certain things. I would keep extending my personal deadlines until I felt like I’d never get it done.

Has anyone else done this? Are you still doing it?

I told myself that I’m tired of starting and stopping. In some cases I never started at all. Well no more on this end. One of those things on my list was to organize and host a panel, something motivational. Initially, I had this grand idea, but the execution of it overwhelmed me so I started jotting down ideas and writing down names, but then I just stopped.

Well one day, a friend and I were talking and discovered that we had similar visions. We decided to do this panel together on eliminating excuses.

We both have personal stories of how we didn’t let things or people hold us back. This first panel on Feb. 22 at Columbia College isn’t about just us though. I’ve gone through my contacts and found three individuals with inspirational stories. They have examples of perseverance and overcoming obstacles. They’re doing great and I want to highlight their success and how they got there. They stopped making excuses and just took a leap. Now all of us will come together and share our stories and hopefully motivate you to get up and go after your dream harder than you’ve ever done before.

Get your tickets through Eventbrite. Click here.

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