Go Into 2018 Weight Free; Celebrate The Good

Photo credit/Pinterest

by Andrea V. Watson

Alright, 2018 is just about here. You MUST leave all your regrets in 2017. Life doesn’t go as planned and we make stupid mistakes, but beating yourself up months later isn’t going to do you any good.

I encourage you as you embark on a new year to drop the disappointments, hurt and regrets. Moving on is more mental than anything. You can go through the motions, put on the mask as if everything is good, but until you heal on the inside, forgive yourself or others, you’ll be dragging that burden with you. And trust me, it gets heavier and heavier the more you pull it.

Empty your luggage and start fresh.

Celebrate your accomplishments! And if you had a really bad year and honestly can’t think of one, well I have one for you. You tackled each day and you made it to the end of the year. So yeah, pop that bottle of champagne or that sparkling grape juice and smile. You’re stronger than you think and you have a lot to look to forward to in 2018.

Happy New Year!

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